Kokomo Joe’s does not allow any outside food and beverages on its property. We offer affordable snack and meal options. Kokomo Joe’s operates its own cafe that follows city, county, and state health codes.

Kokomo Joe’s is a great place to celebrate birthdays. In fact, we have several birthday party packages that are stress-free for parents and guests.

If you do not choose one of our hosted party packages, please know that we do not allow walk-in party celebrations. You may visit Kokomo Joe’s for the recreation part of your day but please ensure that your guests understand that they will play at Kokomo Joe’s, but will enjoy cake and presents in a separate location. If interested in a party option at our location, please call 636-447-5656 to speak with a party coordinator and we will be happy to work to accommodate your needs.

Due to security and health code mandates, we cannot allow outside food or beverages on property from general public guests, nor can we allow gifts or decorations to be brought in for non-hosted parties. There is simply not room in our main seating areas to allow for party tables to be tied up for extended amounts of time. We ask for all guests cooperation in making the facility open to the general public and if any guests feel they need a reserved seating space we encourage them to contact our friendly party or group events staff to help with their organized party reservation needs.

We encourage you to book your party online or in person at least two weeks in advance.

Pre-scheduled, hosted parties: All decorations must be limited to balloons and table cloths. Wall or ceiling decorations, as well as confetti, are not allowed. All decorations must be checked in immediately upon arrival with your party host. Kokomo Joe’s will transport them to and from the party room. Balloons and decorations are not allowed anywhere in the general public area at any time.

Please Note: If you do not have a pre-scheduled party reserved, balloons, decorations, presents, cake, food of any nature, or other items planned for distribution to participants are not allowed at Kokomo Joe’s.