Spooky season is here! Join us for a thrilling adventure with Fear: The Haunted House.

Available Fridays & Saturdays from Sept. 30 – October 29
$15 admission from 7PM – 8PM for kid friendly session
$20 admission from 8PM – 11PM

Recommended ages 12 & older. All sales are final, no refunds. You should not enter the haunted house if you have asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures or additional medical conditions. See more rules & regulations here.



In the 1960s, Happy Horace Dickerson, a circus clown, fell in love and wed a fellow circus act, Mimi the snake charmer. In 1970, the two ventured out with an old, junky carnival traveling to small towns across the midwest. The couple was soon met with their first and only child, a daughter with the namesake of her father, Horace Jr. Yes they named their daughter, Horace Jr.

A few years after the birth of their daughter, Horace suffered injuries when the Ferris wheel they were setting up collapsed, leaving him wheelchair bound for the remainder of his life and his wife Mimi succumbed to her injuries. Neither Horace nor his daughter, Horace Jr., who was 8 by then would ever be the same. Horace was in and out of mental institutions, claiming to have been abducted by aliens and his daughter was possessed by the devil. When released, Horace with the help of his daughter, lured unsuspecting customers to his seemingly fake haunted attraction.

It was here that his lust for evil began. He relentlessly tortured and mutilated victims aided by his army of mentally unstable outcasts, carneys, and clowns, all while whistling happy tunes. Horace was put to death in 1976 after countless bodies were recovered from his maniacal midway. Those who travel amongst those grounds today have claimed to smell popcorn and cotton candy. It’s also been reported that sounds of the midway including clown laughs and Horace’s whistling have been heard at the sites where those heinous acts were carried out. People have even reported hearing echoes of the last words Horace spoke before being put to death; “the smile was only painted on”


What days and times will Fear The Haunted House be available to experience?

Fear The Haunted House will Start operations beginning September 30th and its last day of operation will be October 29th. Time slots are available starting as early as 7pm and as late as 11pm. Fear The haunted house will only operate on Friday and Saturday Nights.

Is Fear The Haunted House for Kids?

Although we recommend this experience for guests 12 and older, the 7pm-8pm time slots will be toned down and geared toward a more kid friendly environment. Although some interactions could still be scary, we are enhancing the experience for guests to chase monsters and scary items away with flashlights. Please be aware there is no way of knowing if your child or other guests may be too scared for the experience. 

Do we need to purchase tickets?

Yes, tickets may be purchased ahead of time online at https://kjfun.com/fearhauntedhouse OR in person on sight at the front desk. We expect to sell out of tickets each night, so we encourage you to purchase in advance. When purchasing online, you will use your confirmation email as your entry ticket.

How long will it take to go through Fear The Haunted House?

When purchasing your ticket, you are signing up for a boarding group time. At the time of your boarding group slot, guests will gather in a boarding room where you will be briefed about the Haunted House. Groups will be taken into the haunted house one group at a time. From the beginning of your boarding time to the exit of the haunted house, you should plan for it to take at least 15 minutes

I am too scared to go in, can I get a refund? 

Refunds will not be given. If you are interested in signing up for a different date or time, please visit Kokomo Joe’s front desk. 

What can I expect when signing up for Fear The Haunted House? 

Kokomo Joe’s has partnered with experienced leaders in the Spooky Industry. We hope to provide guests with an experience they can remember. We cannot wait to host Haunted House guests all October long for the first time ever.  

What are the rules? 

For full disclosures and guidelines please review them here.